The Role of an Event Planner in Sports Events

Sports Events

The events industry is vast, with many event professionals specialising in certain areas. One of the most impressive has to be sports events. From contests like the Olympics to the Super Bowl, sports events have the power to wow!

At My Celebrations, we are known for decadent birthdays, weddings, and occasions, but did you know we also do sports event management? In this blog we will explore the role of a sports event manager and what exactly it is that they do.

What is a Sports Event Planner?

A sports event planner is responsible for organising the event from start to finish and ensuring it runs smoothly. Their responsibilities may include booking the venue, ensuring it is properly dressed for the event, coordinating staff such as catering, and being on hand on the day for any assistance. Sports events vary in size, from small contests or award ceremonies to full scale events such as competitions and Olympics.

The Role of a Sports Event Planner

The Role of a Sports Event Planner

Many different factors go into a sports event so there is much to do for a sports event planner. They are responsible for liaising with suppliers, giving directions to all staff and much more!

Pre-Event Planning

Firstly, they must confirm a venue that is adequate for the scale of the event, the participants, and the audience. They must also organise proper services and facilities, which include toilets, catering, accessibility, ticketing, security, Wi-Fi and cleaning before, during and after the event. They will also need to think about parking, weather and emergencies, hire enough people for the event and create and distribute a schedule to all involved. Sport events planners are responsible for arranging hospitality, management of staff and negotiating with suppliers.

During Event

Sport event planners must be on hand during the event. Typical responsibilities involve liaising with everyone from ticketers and caterers to security, entertainment, service providers and stakeholders to ensure everything is on track. They will be available to everyone and direct people on how best to solve problems and stick to the schedule. They may also have to solve customer complaints should they arise.

After Event

The main responsibilities of an event planner after the sports event is settling payments and thanking those who participated and made the event what it was.

Entertainment During Sports Events

Sports events are not just about sport anymore, for example the half-time show at the Super Bowl is just as famous as the sport event itself. A good sports event planner may arrange concerts and performers, opening and closing ceremonies and award ceremonies throughout the event. This adds its own tasks into the mix, including organising staging, lighting, costume and music as well as organising and booking personalities or talent.

Skills of a Sport Event Planner

As with all event professionals, a sport event planner will need to have strong communication and people skills, they will be incredibly organised and resilient, able to solve problems head on. They will have a good knowledge of the local area, the sport, and the demands of the audience, understanding exactly what makes a good event in order to prepare it.

If you’re looking for a diligent and experienced sport event planner, look no further! With tens of successful events under our belt, we are a great choice for your event. Find out more by visiting our website or calling us on 058 997 8900.

Entertainment During Sports Events