Planning your Wedding from Start to Finish-Things to do list:

Planning your Wedding from Start to Finish-Things to do list:

Planning a wedding is one of the most hectic process for anyone. There is always a possibility of missing out on small elements to finally conclude the event.

Here are some tips to consider ensuring smooth stress-free conduction of your wedding:

Things to do before assigning a wedding planner:

Fix the wedding dates in advance:

The 1st thing in conducting a successful wedding is to fix the dates much in advance. An early booking should ideally be between 9 to 12 months. You may be able to book things and get the best possible deals with various wedding planners as well as the venues and vendors who may be involved in the process.

Budget your wedding:

The most difficult task is preparing a budget. Most of the people want to add so many elements into the wedding, pre- wedding parties and post wedding parties. All these could go overboard and out of the resources. Fixing a budget is the most important factor before contacting a wedding planner or an event coordinator. Having a clear picture of your budget helps you to decide on the number of guests as well as the things required which could stay within your budget.

Prepare your guest list:

Always prepare a guest list prior to contacting any wedding planner. Do not forget to make a separate list of close relatives and friends so that the priority can be given accordingly although all your guests are important. This also gives an idea of the venue to choose depending on the capacity.

Food and Drink choices:

Having an idea of your guest food preferences is also an added advantage as it makes the further jobs easy to handle for you and your wedding planner.

Things to do while assigning your wedding planner:

Always understand why you need a wedding planner:

Whether it is full wedding planning, wedding coordination or wedding management. If you opt for a full service, always deal with them directly as your wedding planner has enough connections and experience to guide you through the whole process, they even are aware of all the ceremonies and nuances for successfully conducting your wedding event.

If you want your wedding planner for coordination and management, make sure you reach out to the different vendors and give all the contacts directly to your wedding planner.

If you are not hiring a wedding planner:

Then make sure all the work to successfully complete the event has to be done by you. Always assign specific roles and jobs for your family and friends so that things are taken care of while your wedding is taking place. Things like coordinating the ceremony, seating arrangements, guest welcome, dances, speeches and all the minor aspects assigned to different people as you will need all the extra hands to get the work done without any hassles.

Clearing the post wedding mess: 

Once the guests are gone, it brings only you and your near ones in picture. It is like a huge mess for you to clear. Make sure you have already prepared a team for clearing a post wedding mess and clear all your dues.

Honeymoon Trip:

Planning the exit, moving to your home and post wedding honeymoon trip is also as important as planning your wedding. A great honeymoon trip is as important as anything in your life as couple as this brings the much needed intimacy and relaxation for a happy married life.