Pre-Wedding Blues (Cold Feet, Stress or Depression)

Pre-Wedding Blues (Cold Feet, Stress or Depression)

Just like a couple face post wedding blues or depression, they also have to go through the pre-wedding blues or in easy words- cold feet. More often the pre-wedding jitters are experienced by the bride to be than the groom.

Main Cause of the problem:

  • The stresses related to the planning for the wedding.
  • The stresses related to the wedding day events.
  • Event related stress
  • Guest listing and many more related to the wedding day
  • Another major contributor to the pre-wedding blues that is least addressed is the fact that most people are anxious of the Post Wedding life which can stress out as no one knows about the future.

Signs of Pre-wedding Jitters:

  • Change in sleep patterns due to over thinking about the outcomes.
  • Loss of appetite especially thinking of the stress related to the wedding dress and putting on weight.
  • Experiencing frequent moodiness
  • Unnecessary focus on small details
  • Feeling of stress not letting you enjoy and absorb the moments leading to body stiffness and frequent headaches and feeling of sickness.

Tips to reduce pre-wedding stress:

Talk to someone:

This is the easiest thing to do. Talk to someone about your fears and anxiety. Maybe a friend or family. The best people to talk to in such a situation will be your wedding planner itself as they are the best equipped to handle your situation due to their experiences.

Hire your Wedding planner:

Hiring a good wedding planner for your event and discussing with them about the needs and not’s is the best way to avoid stress. Always explain what you need to them, but also take some time out to listen to what they have to tell you as they know how to handle things better and reduce your cost as well as reduce your stress related to the pre-wedding preparations.

Spend time with your Fiancé: 

During the pre-wedding period, it is equally important to find and spend time with your fiancé, to talk about the preparation as well as the future lives together, which can also reduce the post wedding blues of the couples.

Have Fun:

Take days off to go out and have fun, may be a fun or adventurous trip, or party with friends. All these are great stress busters before a wedding event.

Take care of your Health:

However, always make sure to take care of your health. Never miss out on your regular workouts and physical exertion. The dopamine released during workouts will help you focus better, remain calm and get adequate sleep even during the time of stress.

How to Eliminate Wedding Day Stress

Delegate your Stress Away:

Always delegate your stress away. Assign roles for everyone in your close guest list so that most of the responsibilities are shared and not taken by you. Use your wedding planner to good effect to delegate the things during and after the ceremony and they can do the best job for you.

Only keep necessary things for you:

Always keep only necessary appointments like hair do, make ups and dressing on the day of the wedding. Manicure, pedicure, group breakfasts, brunches all increase the stress on the wedding day making you to hurry to do things.

Accept you cannot control everything:

Accept that you cannot control everything that happens on the day. Leave things aside for your planner and let them take control of the things rather that you are taking stress to control everything. There can be some untoward experiences that may happen and remember you cannot control these things.

New Spouse Time:

Try to find some new spouse time in between the party and ceremonies. This will give you both time for a breather and talk to each other about the concerns you both have and release your stress. Remember that your spouse is your choice and always make sure you share everything from day one.

Never be without your spouse:

Everyone would like to greet you independently. However, make sure that you both are side by side on the day of the wedding and never leave each other’s side. If someone wants to talk to you in private, avoid them by using your best communication skills. Stick to each other as if you both are glued to each other.

Keep healthy and delicious snacks handy:

Stress eating is common. On your big day, it is ok to do that as it may help in relieving a lot of stress that you have to undergo and if you feel better with it, please do not hesitate to keep snacking.

Allow yourself to feel nervous:

Feeling nervous on your big day is normal and it is always best to allow yourself to feel nervous. This nervousness also helps to increase the adrenaline flow and thereby help in handling things better.